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Learn from top music directors, musicians, worship leaders, and pastors from the comfort of your home or office!

Bringing Music Ministry Training To You
September 12, 2020 at 9:00am CST



This year we're excited to try something new! We're adding 2-hour bootcamps for musicians, vocalists, and songwriters. These sessions will be packed with info and very interactive. Have a question? You may be invited on screen to ask and get feedback!


To wrap up the Worship Workshop this year, we're having a Q&A Panel, made up of several of our presenters, and answering your questions live! You can submit your questions about music, ministry, leadership, and more. We'll get to as many as possible during the last hour of this online event.


Join us online on Friday, September 11th, at 7PM CST
for a time of worship.

FREE with 2020 Worship Workshop registration.

$5 without 2020 Worship Workshop registration.

Featuring new music from these artists:

Chord charts for these songs are included with a 2020 Worship Workshop registration.

Nathan + Rachel

Draylin Young

Brittani Scott

Anthony Trimble

Brandon Marin

Jonathan Hudoff

The McKains

Autopilot Worship

Apostolic Collective

with guest speaker:

Timothy Hall

Executive Assistant - Calvary Pentecostal Church (Euless, TX)
Professor of Worship Studies - North Texas Christian College 

"I was so blessed to attend the 3rd Annual Worship Workshop! The sessions I attended were so informative and very spirit filled! When Bro. Tim Hall was speaking about the Heart of A Worship Leader, I was moved so deeply, the Lord renewed my heart for worship! I'm so excited to use all the amazing things I learned today. Thank you Brittani Scott and your team for making this available!"

Christy Waddle -
(Worship Workshop 2018)

The Virtual Worship Workshop

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From Artists:

Brittani Scott
Draylin Young
Nathan + Rachel
Elenee Young
Shara McKee
Brandon Marin
Jonathan Hudoff
Anthony Trimble
The McKains
& More!

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"I thoroughly enjoyed all the workshop and am very thankful that you put all the classes
on the site for us to review, etc. With such crazy schedules, it is very nice to be able to go
back and re-listen to sessions."
- Melinda Egan -
(Worship Workshop 2016)
"I love the fact that #WorshipWorkshop is online and affordable. Classes are taught by knowledgeable professionals and are jam-packed with information that is useful to even the smallest music ministry teams. Always informative, encouraging, and inspiring!"

- Stella Barksdale -
(Worship Workshop 2019)
"Loads of wonderful content and teaching! I have so enjoyed it thus far and have learned a load of things that I can use to take me into a better level of Music Directing and playing, is so worth every penny! I have gotten well over my $40 investment and the day isn't over yet!"

- Kimberly Jordan Hart -
(Worship Workshop 2016)
Lindel Anderson
Dean of Music (Indiana Bible College)
Shawn Everhart
Pastoral Assistant  (Bethel Tabernacle - Houston, TX)
Diane Horsley
Dean of Music  (Texas Bible College)

Brandon Cowden
Worship Pastor (Altanta West Pentecostal Church - Atlanta, GA)
Jordan Dye
Dye Audio  (Bentonville, Arkansas)

Carla Burton
Ministry Administrator  (Turning Point Church - Nashville, TN)

Travis Dykes
Bassist (Nashville, TN)

Laird Sillimon
Vice President of Operations (Christian Life College)
Worship Leader
Recording Artist
Andy Ferguson
Guitarist (Kingsport, TN)

Kurt Kanhai
Music Director (First Pentecostal Church - North Little Rock, AR)

Brittani Scott
Pastor's Wife  (Refuge Church of Seattle, WA)
The Worship Workshop (Founder)
Worship Leader
Recording Artist
Ryan Scott
Pastor (Refuge Church of Seattle, WA)
Inbound Marketing Specialist (Founder)
Chad & Fallon Erickson
Associate Pastor & Music Director  (First Apostolic Church - Maryville, TN)

Jeremy Guzman
Administrative & Worship Pastor (Calvary Tabernacle - Bentonville, AR)

Nathan Holmes
Pastor (First Pentecostal Church - North Little Rock, AR)
Draylin Young
Worship Leader (First Church - Sterling Heights, MI)

Gideon Assefa

Joy Norris
Vocal Coach (Atlanta, GA)

Kayla Ellingsworth
Havre Design (Founder)
Erica Gilliam
Music Director (Lufkin, TX )
Adjunct Professor (Texas Bible College)
Curtis Buell

Janson Roberts
Director of Operations (LoopCommunity)
Andy Ferguson
Evangelist (Kingsport, TN)
General Session Speaker
   Mark Brown
      Pastor (Jesus Church - Watertown, SD)
"This has been an excellent resource and I am very appreciative of this opportunity. It has been a definite “shot in the arm” for music ministry. I love that it is so affordable and convenient."

- Rachael Boswell - 
(Worship Workshop 2019)
"Thank you! I'm loving this! 😊
It's amazing vision you have had for this event. Top notch!!! 👍"

- Datha Brosam -
(Worship Workshop 2017)


Brandon Cowden

Joy Norris

Electric Guitar
Andy Ferguson

Brittani Scott

Travis Dykes

Shawn Everhart


General Session:

Mark Brown

Session Tracks:


Leading the Band
Kurt Kanhai

Who Said You Can't Have A Choir?
Chad & Fallon Erickson

Using Planning Center Online
Jeremy Guzman

A Creative Approach to Events
Nathan Holmes


Effective Female Leadership
Diane Horsley

Service Planning - Creating Seamless Transitions 
Chad & Fallon Erickson

Apps For Loops & Multi-Tracks

Jeremy Guzman

Playing A "Role" In the Band 
Kurt Kanhai


The Emotionally Healthy Leader

Jeremy Gilliam

Training the Next Generation Music Team 
Chad & Fallon Erickson

Guide For Building A Mix
Jordan Dye

Starting A Kid's Music Program
Diane Horsley


Necessities For Music Leadership
Laird Sillimon

Leading Worship From An Acoustic Guitar 
Draylin Young

Tips For Improving Your Broadcast Audio
Jordan Dye

Song Sets That Birth A Worship Experience
Fallon Erickson


Lead Pastors & Music Ministers
Laird Sillimon

Creating An Atmosphere 
Carla Burton

Tools & Resources For Live Streaming
Ryan Scott

How To Read & Write Chord Charts
Lindel Anderson


Made To Mentor
Lindel Anderson

Inspiration or Desperation 
Carla Burton

Using OBS (Live Streaming Software)
Ryan Scott

Why Your Church Needs A Graphic Designer
Kayla Ellingsworth


Fundraising Ideas For Your Music Department
Lindel Anderson

Effective Worship 
Carla Burton

Ableton Live for Multi-Tracks
Brandon Cowden

Playing Aux Keys
Gideon Assefa


Q&A Panel:

Carla Burton, Lindel Anderson, Laird Sillimon, & Brandon Cowden

"It was my first year attending this workshop. I was only able to watch 4 of them live & cannot wait to watch the rest later. It was such a blessing!"

Becky Pitts -
(Worship Workshop 2018)
"This was my first year attending and I was able to hang in all day! 😊 it was incredible!! I feel encouraged, convicted, inspired and helped! Thank you Brittani Scott for all the hard work that I know goes into an event like that!!"

- Alisha Hernandez -
(Worship Workshop 2018)
Have other plans that Saturday?
You can still be a part of the Worship Workshop!
All registrants get access to the session video replays following the event.
You can go through and watch all the sessions you missed at your own convenience.
So, what are you waiting for?


This is the launch year of The Worship Workshop, so we know people will have questions.
The most common are listed below. If you still have a question, feel free to 
contact us.

Can I attend using my smart phone or tablet?
Yes. As long as you have access to a web browser and a good internet connection, you can use a smart phone or tablet.
Will I have access to the classes I don’t attend live?
Of course! We want you to have it all! You’ll be able to download all of the sessions you missed when the workshop is over.
Can I attend more than one session at a time?
No. But, you’ll have access to the recordings of classes you missed following the workshop.
What are the benefits of attending the live event?
Those who attend the Worship Workshop will be able to ask questions and interact with the clinician if time allows at the end of each session. Plus, live attendees will get access to all the amazing Extra’s made available by our clinicians and sponsors! Check out the growing list on our homepage.
Can anyone attend this event?
Yes! If you’re involved in music ministry in anyway, this event is for you! If you’re from a small church or a big church, this event is for you! If you’re a beginner or more experienced music director, this event in for you! If you’re a young person or a senior, this event is for you! With the many different topics being covered, there will be something for everyone.
Is there a church group discount available?
We’re unable to provide group discounts. We’ve done our best to make the Worship Workshop very affordable, even for churches with multiple attendees.
Can I register more than one person at a time?
Each person must register individually with their unique email address in order to get access to the event and bonuses. This requires going through the purchase process for each person. If you're registering 6 or more people from your team, email us at for instructions. 
Can I get a refund if I’m unable to attend?
If you request a refund before the event date, we can issue a full refund. However, even if you can't attend live, you’ll still get access to all of the recordings, the handbook, and all the extras as a live event registrant. Therefore, there we cannot offer refunds after the event has taken place.
Church Setup
Church Setup
Church Setup
Last year, The Worship Workshop had  400 registrants and over 7,000 unique views on our website.
"Great resources and training by the best!! Looking forward to many more."

Paula Lyon-Allday -
(Worship Workshop 2019)
"Go sign up! I attended last year and not only are the classes informative, they are powerfully impactful! These sessions will greatly benefit you and your ministry!"

Jordan Guisande -
(Worship Workshop 2018)
"The 2019 Worship Workshop was such a blessing for this Home Missions Pastor’s Wife. There was so much valuable information presented by extremely knowledgeable individuals. I look forward to watching the sessions I missed, and rewatching the ones I’ve already watched. Thank you for making this online music conference so affordable. God bless!"

- Jennifer Essex Hegeman -
(Worship Workshop 2019)
"This conference is an amazing resource for anyone involved in leading worship. For just $40 you get access to so much resources and knowledge...

I encourage everyone to make this conference apart of your annual growth schedule."

- Colton Wiggins -
(Worship Workshop 2019)